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Financial Policy

Our primary mission is to deliver the finest and most comprehensive oral surgery care available. An important part of the mission is making the cost of optimal care as easy and manageable for our patients as possible by offering a variety of payment options.

Payment Options:
-Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card
-Care Credit

Although we do not offer in-house financing, we can work with an outside financing company called “Care Credit”, that may meet your needs. Care Credit is a separate line of credit for health care needs. You can apply online at or call toll free 1-800-859-9975.

TorriMed Oral Surgery and Dental Implants requires payment prior to the beginning of your treatment. If you choose to discontinue care before treatment is complete, you will receive a refund less the cost of care received. All co-payments are due upon check-in at the front desk.

Other arrangements can be made with our office manager or the doctor depending on special circumstances. An estimate of the charge for any procedure or surgery you may require will be given to you upon request. If you have any dental insurance we would be glad to fill out the proper forms, and work with your carrier to maximize your benefits and bill them directly for reimbursement for your treatment, but please complete the information on the provided form.

Please remember that insurance is considered a method of reimbursing the patient for fees paid to the doctor and is not a substitute for payment. Some companies pay fixed allowances for certain procedures and others a pay a percentage of a charge. It is your responsibility to pay any deductible amount, co-insurance or any other balance not paid by your insurance company within 90 days from the date of service. Finance charges accrue from the initial date of service but will not be applied unless the account becomes 90 days delinquent. You will be responsible for all collection costs, attorney’s fees and court costs.

TorriMed Oral Surgery and Dental Implants charges $25.00 for returned checks.

We understand the financial aspects of healthcare can be overwhelming; we do our best to help you understand your obligation and clear any misunderstandings. If you have any questions regarding your account, please call our front desk staff at (310) 792-7775.

If you have missing teeth or heavily damaged teeth that need to be replaced, dental implants may be right for you. Getting a dental implant in Torrance, consists of a small rod placed within the bone beneath the gums where a tooth once was. The implant fuses with the jaw and eventually serves as an anchor for a crown or other tooth prosthetic. Because of their versatility, dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or many missing teeth depending on the needs of the patient.

Did you know…

Titanium dental implants carry a high rate of osseo-integration with surrounding bone. Not only does that contribute to their strength and durability, but it also translates to a much higher success rate for dental implant patients. In fact, more than 93 percent of all dental implant procedures are successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful to get dental implants?

No. Dental implant procedures are generally painless in our Torrance office. Our office is equipped with state of the art technology that expedites the implant process and reduces pain and swelling. Sedation and anesthetic is also available to minimize discomfort during the implant process. Pain management options are available to individuals who experience discomfort during the healing and recovery period.

Is there a benefit to choosing dental implants over other dental prosthetics?

Dental Implants are a good choice in dental prosthetics, as they offer benefits that dentures and bridges alone are incapable of providing. Made from titanium, these prosthetics are designed to last a lifetime in most patients. Furthermore, they are as strong, functional and aesthetically appealing as natural teeth. Most importantly, dental implants fully replace the original tooth root, preventing jaw atrophy that is common with other tooth replacement options, such as dentures.

How long does this process take?

The actual placement of dental implants typically requires only a couple of hours in your oral surgeon’s office. However, you must first visit for a consultation and treatment planning.

Furthermore, some patients may require pre-surgical bone grafting to help fill in areas of the jaw that have already deteriorated due to tooth loss. Dental implants require several months to integrate with surrounding bone before patients can return to have permanent crowns put in place. If you would like to learn more about [practice] dental implants in Torrance, please contact us today.

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